Prospective PhD Students

We have expertise in using a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods in engineering, construction management, business and economics. We are always looking for enthusiastic and highly-qualified PhD students to join the Group to undertake research under one of our current themes in megaprojects.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to chose Deakin University and the Megaprojects Group for your PhD studies. For example:

How to Apply

Step 1

At first instance, please contact us with the following:

  • a 2-page CV highlighting your educational qualifications, work and research experience and research publications (if any).
  • a summary of your research interests, research skills, proposed topic (or proposal if already written).

Email the above to Dr Dominic Ahiaga-Dagbui

Please Note: Deakin University Research Scholarships are offered on a very competitive basis. Candidates that were successful in scholarship applications had the following characteristics:

  • First-class honors or masters degrees
  • Experience directly related to the chosen topic
  • Other awards and accolades that demonstrate the candidates educational or research pedigree.

Step 2

After reviewing the documents you sent to us in Step 1, we may invite you to complete the Deakin University Expression of Interest (EOI) Form, if we deem you to be suitably qualified. The current EOI form can be found here. Complete the EOI form in consultation with your proposed supervisor(s). Please do not proceed to Step 3 until the Faculty has responded to you after submitting your EOI form.

Step 3

This is the formal application stage. The Faculty will advice you on whether to submit a formal application after Step 2. The faculty’s assessment of your EOI will be based on your competitiveness (if you’re intending to apply for scholarship) and basic entry qualifications. Further details on this process can be found at Deakin University application process.

Research Scholarships

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