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Megaprojects are large-scale, capital intensive and complex projects, that take many years to develop, involving multiple stakeholders and interest groups. The Australian Government has placed sustained emphasis on economic growth and productivity by investing significantly in major capital infrastructure.

The rise in the number of megaprojects may be due to a number of factors, including – the desire to generate economies of scale; their ability to be transformative and spur economic growth; and a need to future-proof infrastructure needs.

However, these large projects are typically more difficult on every dimension of project management and are more sensitive to market conditions and complexity. As a result, megaprojects are notorious for their track record of poor delivery performance – they are typically delivered over budget and late

That said, it is clear that the future of infrastructure assets will be subjected to even more increasing degrees of complexity, extreme competition and uncertainty with respect to the outcomes of climate change, population growth and the emerging disruptive nature of smart technology, automation and digitization.

The research on many aspects of megaprojects is still relatively new in comparison to small or medium scale projects. Megaprojects are also conceived, planned and delivered in a complex environment of engineering, politics, economics and social demands and drivers.

We seek to collaborate with industry organisations to explore research opportunities and problems, to develop innovative and value-driven solutions and world-leading knowledge. Our research is undertaken with critical and design thinking methodologies that supports fresh and effective solutions to complex problems.

Performance Improvement & Megaproject Procurement

Costs, Benefits & Value Management in Megaprojects

Front-End Decision-Making, Project Appraisal & Contracting Practices

Risk Management & Construction Safety

Collaboration & Supply Chain Management

Sustainability In Megaprojects

Innovating Megaproject Contracting

Value Capture of Infrastructure Projects

Optimism Bias & Transport Cost Appraisal

Rethinking Risk Allocation - improving project delivery outcomes

Collaborate with Us

We aim for our research to be industry relevant and have impact in the real world. This is why the ethos of the group is to be industry-informed and collaborative.

Our industry partners would benefit from the problem-solving capabilities of a network of leading researchers and innovative tools, facilities and methodologies in tackling industry–relevant research problems together. For more information…

Academic Researchers

Our research group welcomes new members. We want our research to be as multidisciplinary as possible and so welcome expertise from various disciplines including engineering, economics, business, law, finance, etc.

Interested in Undertaking PostDoc or PhD?

We are also looking for talented, dedicated individuals with a passion for research, development, and innovation to join us as Research Fellows or PhD Students.



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